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Meet The Team


Angela is the other Director in the business and is often found sitting at the computer sorting out the admin.  She’ll book the campsites for you, pay the staff and I’m afraid it’ll be her sending out the invoices!!  But she’ll also make the cake for some of the expeditions and she often gets involved in our work with primary schools.


Richard loves the outdoors, when he’s not with us on expedition he’s looking after a local country estate in Herefordshire.   He’ll always make the group happy with his quick sense of humour and endeavours to inspire others to enjoy the outdoors.


Neil worked in education for many years and on retirement wanted to carry on with DofE.   He is meticulous in his note taking during an expedition and particularly likes to see good planning from a group during their expedition.   He’s no stranger to loading a rucksack on his own back and walking for days, even in his 70’s!  Make sure you ask him about his trip in a Landrover from London to South Africa!


Tom will make sure you have a great expedition as he always brings a sense of fun to the team.   When he’s not working with us Tom is working in schools running mentoring programmes.   He loves the outdoors and regularly travels round the UK in his little camper van.

Steve A.

Steve was a set designer for many years working with ballet and theatre companies.   He now enjoys taking groups out on expeditions throughout the season and ensures they know where they’re going and what they should see along the way.   He has a keen eye for the details on a map and likes to get the students looking closely at what they should be passing along the way.

Steve Au.

“Long Haired Steve” has been involved with DofE for a number of years, not just with expeditions but running the full DofE programme in a local authority.   His knowledge is second to none and that includes knowing how to make sure the students have an enjoyable experience.   Steve originally was a military helicopter engineer and he has quite a few stories to tell of that time!!


Jennifer is an equestrian and outdoor instructor with over 15 years experience.  She recently enjoyed a solo trip to Spain and is planning more travels for 2016.  She loves horses and has often tried, but failed, to get Ben to enjoy horse riding!

Esther S

Esther has been involved in the outdoors for a number of years and is involved with her local watersports centre and her local cadets group.  Esther is often with us on walking and Bell Boating expeditions and is great with the young people, helping them come to their own conclusions rather than telling them directly how to do something.


Sam comes along to expedition with his long hair and big smile, ready to help students have an enjoyable experience and hoping to inspire them to do this expedition thing for themselves one day!   When he’s not with us he’s either working for other Approved Activity Providers or he’s hanging off a cliff face somewhere!


Becca completed her Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE through her local guides group.  This gave her a long lasting love of the outdoors.  Until a few years ago she was a biology and chemistry teacher but now works full time taking young people into the outdoors, whether in this country or abroad.  She’s a keen climber and fell runner.


Max has completed Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE so knows exactly what you’re going through.  As well as experience through scouting and personal trips, Max has just finished working for PGL as an outdoor activity instructor so comes to us with a wealth of experience.

Steve F

Steve has been involved in the outdoor industry for a number of years both as a DofE instructor and senior instructor roles within outward bound centres.  He also used to teach police officers how to drive fast!  Now he’s retired so when he’s not on expedition you can usually find him pottering on his boat.


Ricky loves the outdoors and works full time as a freelance instructor.   When not with us he’s working with other like minded Approved Activity Providers so is constantly out in the elements.  It means by the time he’s 30 he’ll look about 60!


Fred and Ben have worked together for over 10 years.  Fred used to volunteer with the local Open Award Centre Ben used to run in his previous job and now Fred helps on a number of expeditions throughout the year.   Fred is the chaplain in a local secondary school for boys and is a keen rugby fan, often refereeing at the local rugby club.

Esther F

Esther first got involved with DofE through scouting and then the local Operating Authority.  She spent the last few years of her career in the head office for DofE as the AAP officer, overseeing companies like ours which have a licence from DofE to run the expeditions.  So she comes with a huge wealth of knowledge on how expeditions should run.   Because of this she’s a great member of the team to have on board.